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The Holiday Event Guide 2015 Edition

Dec 19, 2015· Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest is hosting a small R-Coin event called The 12 Days of Wintertide. Each day, players will receive and increasing amount of R-Coins. The R-Coins are placed in special storage at 12 AM PST every day. They only last for …

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

- Reward: 1) 1000 Lebrium Point. 2) 1 Altea's Gacha-Box - Reward Date: During the service maintenance on July 2nd, 2019 . 4th Week Mission: Enjoy this rewards, they are all yours! - Event Period: June 29th (Sat) 09:00 ~ July 6th (Sat) 08:59:59 - Mission: Clear Storm of Time and Space - Experience the Dragon Nest Field!

Guideline for: Crystal Points and Beggar's Boxes ...

Apr 05, 2018· There is a box that can be purchased with 800 ladder points, and supposedly the easiest box to complete if you are rather a type of player that plays 6~10 hours of Dragon Nest, but is seems you cannot purchase it such as the Ladder won't reward players with points, the ladder is a 1:1 rank match, each player is rewarded with points each time ...

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

Rune Dragon Nest Closed. 2-2. Slayer Mode Contents Closed. 2-3. Others [3] Balance. 3-1. June Skill Balancing. ... Reward and Shop Fierce Battle Reward - You can get rewards based on your results when using battle matching to play Fierce Battle. ... [Lv 95 Returned Dragoner Gift Box] so that it can also be opened by the Vena Plaga class. ...

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Fully reopen version available at Here you can see the Version History and Changelog for the updates of Eternal Dragon Nest. Currently EDN is running on Version 72. 1 Version 8 2 Version 9 3 Version 12 4 Version 13 5 Version 19 6 Version 20 7 Version 23 8 Version 24 9...

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

- A [Multiple gift box for Returned Hero] will be rewarded to returning characters when they log in. 2-8. Main Quest Reward Hero Title Stat Changes - Modified the stats granted by hero titles earned as main quest rewards. 2-9. Beginner's Guide Reward Additions - Added a reward for the [Input something in the chat window.] guide. 2-10.

World of Dragon Nest -

For 10 random participants. x1 Confession Gift Set . 📌 Notes - Limited to 1 participation per person. - This event applies on all 4 official pages of World of Dragon Nest (SEA / ID / TH / VN). - Jackpot Winners Announcement & Rewards Delivery: *TBA - Spam comments by the …

How to Farm Gold Fast in World of Dragon Nest

Let's start with the easiest one. If we're talking about easy gold, then just don't forget to claim your daily login rewards. If you're a beginner and have no idea where you can find this, simply click on the gift box icon at the upper left corner of your screen. You want to always look for a red circle mark as those indicate any unclaimed bonuses.

[COMPLETED] Update Patch on 9th July Dragon Nest SEA

-For additional reward Nest Missions, Dragon Jade crafting materials and more than 1000 Gold have been added as acquirable basic rewards. -There is a small chance of a co-op/alliance Mission appearing that will allow all party members to get rewards.

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Monster Park is an area that consists of various dungeons catered to certain level ranges, meant to provide EXP + Monster Park Commemorative Coins for completing them. Formerly a party-play zone, it is now solo-only, but provides increased EXP + improved rewards. Each area gives a certain amount of EXP, and 1.5 times the EXP is given on Sundays (server time, value is rounded up per monster).

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

Rewards. Mission Description . Mission Box 1. Lebrium Enhancement Stone x100 . Clear Volcano Nest 30 times . Mission Box 2 . Mission Box 2. Slayer Point 7,000 . Clear Guardian Nest 30 times. Mission Box 3 . Mission Box 3. Hero EXP Level Potion (150,000) Keep logged on game for 30 hours straight. Mission Box 4 . Mission Box 4. Slayer Point ...

Merge Dragons Super Nest - premierlasopa

Dragon Nest M is the highly anticipated mobile version of the classic Dragon Nest. You can now relive the legend of the six heroes on any Android or iOS device! ... While you are checking out icons at the top right section of your screen, you will notice a gift box labeled Reward. Tap on it to see Achievement, Level, and Target rewards that you ...

Reward Chest - Official Dragon Nest Wiki

The reward chest is a special chest than contains a variety of gifts for the player as they level. The chest can provide a number of limited time NX items, some permanent NX items, and other useful items for the player to use. It can be found in the NX -> Misc tab of the Inventory tab. A list of the rewards at each level is shown below. Rewards should be permanent unless otherwise noted.

Dragon Nest's Mentorship System : HoYiSi Dragon Nest Guild

Jan 21, 2012· Get ready for some of the most rewarding Dragon Nest relationships you'll ever have! MENTOR REWARDS: ... Rewards within the gift box are random) When the pupil graduates, the mentor will receive a Pupil Appreciation Gift Box. Here is a list of rewards Mentors may receive from within the Pupil Appreciation Gift Box: ...

'ANNIVERSARY' Event - DragonNest Forums

I think the problem here is that the "box" is originally created to be distributed for free (as a gift) to celebrate the 7th anniversary of kDN. but ED uses it as a reward for a spend event on our 1st anniversary (without changing anything but the names).

Gift box code : DragonNest - Reddit

Jun 13, 2011· "Coupon Code: AKHDK-FLMKC-KMPBF-KIQLD-DAPSU-TKRFV Go to the Dragon Vault, Dragon Nest's in-game cash shop (default key: F11). Click on "Enter Coupon" and enter your coupon code to receive your gift. Once confirmed, click on "Gift Box" and see what you've won."

Wintertide Dragon | Dragon Cave Wiki | Fandom

Dec 25, 2019· Wintertide Dragons or Holiday 2019 Dragons were released on December 25, 2019 as part of the 2019 Holiday event on Dragon Cave. Wintertides are an all-male breed, and like other Holiday dragons are limited to two cave born dragons per scroll. 1 Official Dragon Descriptions 1.1 Egg 1.2 Hatchling 1.3 Mature Hatchling 1.4 Adult 2 Sprite Artist(s) 3 Sprites 4 Egg Sequence 5 Encyclopedia …

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

Black Dragon Hunting [Event Period] - Wednesday, March 13, 2020 00:00 (PST) ~ Before Wednesday, April 8 maintenance (PST) [Event Details] - Clear each gate of Black Dragon Time Attack Nest and reward will be given! [Reward Date] - During Wednesday, April 8 maintenance (PST) - Rewards are collectable until Wednesday, April 15, 2020 23:59 (PST ...

Guideline for: Newbie/Returned Player Item/Gold Farming ...

Jan 17, 2019· Low-grade Luminous Dragon Jade Heart - 17,000 Nest Points There is also a Modifier item that modifies stats from your crafted dragon jades (Unique and Legend) its a bit expensive considering you will need 4,000 Nest points to purchase it, and then 2 methods of purchase using the crafting materials: Mid-grade Dragon Jade Stat Modifier. 4,000 ...

Other way to obtain Job Change Scroll or Unlimited ...

Apr 09, 2019· Acquiring it other than Level-Up Gift Box, Colosseum Rank Reward and First Specialization Reward (Removed) Without buying it in Trading House Without buying it with EYEC/EYET or anything that requires actual money Any answers are appreciated

Dragon Nest | Viking Age Wikia | Fandom

The Dragon's Nest gives silver and later some sacred crystals. VIP0 players can feed the Dragon 3 times for free and 1 time for Gold. There is a short cooldown between feedings. Feeding the dragon, Magtor, will give the dragon some exp. At higher levels Magtor will give more silver and more crystals. VIP4+ have no CD after feeding and can toggle the animation on or off as well. Free Feed: 40 ...

Returned Hero | Dragon Nest SEA Wiki | Fandom

Returned Hero (abbreviated RH by in-game players) is a game feature meant to help players who have quit the game in the past to reintegrate again. These Returned Heroes, also known as "Returnees", are provided with a goodie bag with several commodity items and weapons, and most importantly the title Returned Hero and the Returned Hero's Jewel. Returned Heroes may be identified by their ...

Dragon Nest SEA - Spend 150.000 CC Event Reward/Love Of ...

Sep 24, 2020· Hi This is Reward From Spend 150K CC September 2020 DN SEA Event.There's Love Of Friend, Disaster WTD And Geraint or Barnac Plate Choose 1 .....lik...

Leveling Rewards | Dragon Nest SEA Wiki | Fandom

When Players get to level 2, they will receive a Level 2 Achievement Reward Chest which contains a variety of rewards and a box to open the next time they level up with new rewards. Boxes cannot be opened before the Player hits the required level, but they can be saved to open even after the Player gets to the next levels beyond the required one without consequences over the current box ...

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