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Official 3rd-party [MU Online] Fan Site and Game Guide! Please disable [Ad Blocker], or whitelist our website, to remove this message. This website is funded by displaying advertisements to our visitors.

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Feb 06, 2021· Item drop removed, replaced with ribbon boxes. Npc seeds, sphere and jewels removed. Sphere penta drop @ raklion Gm Gift Box price increased to 500 coins. Custom Jewels Updated: Jewel of Excellent full excellent option 50% success rate. Jewel of Full removed luck and additional opt . King invasion: Additional Kings added Elbeland King Icarus King

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Individual Drop Settings Accessory Item Drop System Item Bags System with ability to create own bags and assign them to selected monster Pentagram Items Drop System General Drop Manager to define individual drop Set Item Drop Manager - dedicated for Ancient Items

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Mu Throne Season 6 Epi 3 SLOW - MEDIO con Repack de marote licenciados, EXP -- 500x Y RESET Y LEVEL Dinámico, MASTER LEVEL – 10x dinámico, DROP -- …

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00arena is a top list. We list the best Mu online private server, Runescape, CoD and WoW Private Servers on the net

x99999 Maximum style or x9999 MuOnline Private servers

Mu Online Season 16 Project Mu99999 is easy and fun private server for all users. Fast leveling, easy drop, NPC sells Jewels, wings and mixes to craft items! …

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Tengo un problema con mi servidor de mu 99b+ Coloque los puertos 44405 55901 55913 y 1000 de mu regb5 puse las ip bien la no-ip y me tira off el sv en otros lados, y cuando quiero entrar de mi pc entra todo bien pero cuando pongo server y y quiero conectar no me aparece para loguearme no se tilda nada solo que no me aparece para loguearme ...

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Open a [Reward Box] by tossing it onto the ground. When opened, the item inside the [Reward Box] will appear on the ground. After 10 seconds, other players can pick up the reward on the ground. A special gift from a GM!

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Sticky: MU Online Fanz Discord Server by (VM)izakit. Started by (VM)izakit, 25-03-20, 09:28 PM. 1 response. 1,271 views. 0 likes. Last Post. by AkromaT. ... Need help GM- ticket created to customer support by WarMaslak. Started by WarMaslak, 11-03-21, 09:53 AM. 0 responses. 11 views. 0 likes. Last Post. by WarMaslak.

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Mu Online Season 4 this is an old school that reminds everyone of nostalgia, it will only be understood by old Mu Online players. Feel free to join us and try a great balanced server. 10 VOTOS

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Additional Info. The [Cash Item Shop] is located on WEBZEN's official website and in the game.; There are two types of currencies used in the [Cash Item Shop]: [WCoins]: Can only be bought with real money via WEBZEN; 1$ (USD) = 100 WCoin

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TUServerMU, aprende a crear tu servidor MuOnline gratuitamente, tenemos files desde 97d a season8 todos funcionales y listos para ser usados en tu servidor, files mu gratis, web mu gratis, archivos mu gratis, y demas, vida la era del MuOnline.

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What do you think about this drop? Won them in this event: Titan Server - Global MU Online

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- GM Gift Box Drop Rate: 10/10000 - GM Gift Box Drop Locations. 1. Dungeon ( Monster Level 44 ) 2. Atlans ( Monster Level 54 - 62 ) 3. Tarkan ( Monster Level 80 - 90 ) 4. Icarus ( Monster Level 82 - 100 ) GM Box Contents: All Armor Sets including Accessories With 5% Rate to be Excellent, 50% Chance of Luck & Guaranteed +1 JOL Option ===== Items ...

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Sep 06, 2007· MU Online PC; MU Online PC Tutorials; MuOnline - Itemcodes; MuOnline - Itemcodes. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. ... 14 11 7 0 0 0 0 //Box of Heaven 14 12 0 0 0 0 0 //Zen 14 15 0 0 0 0 0 //Zen2 ... [GM]unreal. View Profile View Forum Posts Gift …

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Publica tu server MuOnline por $10 al mes. Válido para todos los países. Tu servidor será publicado en nuestro banner principal: [email protected]

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All times are GMT0. This page was generated at 04:30 PM. Working... Yes No

Editar el CashShop en MuEMU [PARTE I] - Mu Online Tutoriales

Bienvenidos a un nuevo tutorial, hoy aprenderemos a editar la tienda CashShop en los files MuEMU. Como este es un tema sumamente amplio, lo haremos por partes, en esta primera parte, aprenderemos a editar nuestra tienda CashShop de forma básica, es …

MU online set Coads [For GM] - 7 ოქტომბერში 2010 ...

მთავარი » 2010 » ოქტომბერი » 7 » MU online set Coads [For GM] 17:28 . MU online set Coads [For GM] /item 0 8 "Serpent Sword" /item 0 9 "Sword of Salamander" /item 0 10 "Light Saber" ... /item 14 52 "Gm Gift Box" /item 14 54 "Ema Leto" /item 14 55 "Green Chaos Box" /item 14 56 "Red Chaos Box…

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Listing the best Mu Online servers located in Hungary. Add your private server in our top list or buy advertising. ... Day Online Admin -Every day Event -Gm Event -Chastle Siege -Box Of Kundum 1-2-3-4-5 Fixed ... 5000exp 60 drop reset Arkania Start Map New sets Dragon Ball Awake Added 20 New Wing Vote everyday Ds Bc CC Winner Gift Wcoin Like Fb ...

Drop GM Box - Soporte / Ayudas - TUServerMU

Jul 07, 2017· Hola amigasos, resulta que tengo unas files ENCGames v2 season6 ep1, y quiero configurar las GM BOX, quiero que sean items exclusivos, pero no full co Drop GM Box - Soporte / Ayudas - TUServerMU Welcome, Visitantes .

Penta Mu Season 12 Episodio 1 - Tu Server MU Online en ...

PentaMU – Season XII (PREMIUM) – EL MU VOLVIO A SER MU. Server Medium SERVER PLAY 2 WIN & SHOP Server en VPS y WebHost (24/7) NUNCA ESTAMOS OFF! Los GM dan soporte instantáneo a tus inquietudes y/o problemas. ----- NUEVOS USUARIOS: Te creas el PJ y ya arrancas con un set S1 exe +9 con Opts + Alas + Joyeria Pentagram Box for beginners Ruud ...

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Anniversary Raffle Event & GM Box - GM Gift Box will drop on Lost Tower ( All Levels ) - GM Gift Box will have 50% chance to drop Raffle Ticket or Items - Tickets can be 1 to 3 - Tickets accumulated can be seen on website account profile - Items dropped from GM Gift Box will have 5% chance to …

} Original Season 12 files 1000x / 50% ...

Apr 06, 2020· Server Configurations Version: Original Season 12 files Exp / Drop: 1000x / 50% Max Stats: 65000 M... Jump to content. Mu Servers; Mu Online Forums. Existing user? Sign In . Sign In. Remember me Not recommended on ... Mu Servers } Original Season 12 files 1000x / 50% } Original Season 12 files 1000x / 50%. ...

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